There are a limited number of tickets for the country's best brewing experience! Brew with world-class master brewers over four days at one of the most beautiful places in the world, Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The confirmed master brewers are:

  • Vinnie Cilurzo, Founder/Brewmaster, Russian River Brewing Co.

  • Jason Perkins, Brewmaster, Allagash Brewing Co.

  • Phil Wymore, Cofounder/Brewmaster, Perennial Artisan Ales

  • Neil Fisher, Founder/Brewmaster, WeldWerks Brewing Co.

  • Sam Richardson, Cofounder/Brewmaster, Other Half Brewing Co.

  • Sean Lawson, Founder/Brewmaster, Lawson’s Finest Liquids

  • JC Tetreault, Founder/Brewmaster, Trillium Brewing Co.

  • Henry Nguyen, Owner/Brewer, Monkish Brewing Co.


At this exclusive retreat, you'll brew with some of the country's top brewers, connect with brewery owners from around the country, enjoy a beautiful pairing dinner with limited-release beers, and relax at a quintessential New England resort, Spruce Point Inn. All accommodations, lunches, dinners and select beers are included, but space is limited, so book today!

The ticket price includes three nights of luxury lodging at the Spruce Point Inn, lunches, dinners, round-trip transportation from Portland and Boston (at specific times only), craft beer at evening events, all the brewing supplies you'll need, and all taxes and gratuities. Each of the attendees will also get an awesome goodie bag with a retail value of more than $200. 

Craft Beer & Brewing will ferment and bottle the beers to send you a handful of bottles to enjoy. You’ll have the ultimate collaboration beers to share with your friends.



Hop Sandwich (Vinnie).jpg


Vinnie Cilurzo is co-owner with his wife Natalie of Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa and Windsor, California.  Aside from their downtown Santa Rosa brewpub, they recently finished construction on their new production brewery and restaurant in Windsor, CA.  In 2008 Vinnie was honored with the Brewers Association Russell Schehrer Award for Innovation in Brewing and in 2017 Vinnie and Natalie were honored with the Brewers Association Recognition Award.



Jason Perkins is the Brewmaster of Allagash Brewing in Portland, Maine.  He was one of the first employees in the company and he has been there for the past 18 years.  Prior to that, Jason enjoyed opportunities to work at The Kettle House in Missoula Montana and Gritty McDuff's in Freeport Maine.  He began his brewing career like so many craft brewers as a homebrewer during college and the early years thereafter.  He is also a graduate of Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

phil fobab.jpg


Perennial's Brewmaster and Co-Founder is Phil Wymore, formerly of Goose Island and Half Acre Beer Company in Chicago. Phil was hired as a brewer for Goose Island in 2006 and was eventually promoted to Cellar Manager where he oversaw the barrel-aging program and all fermentation processes. Phil left Goose Island in 2009 to become the Head Brewer at Half Acre Beer Company. While in Chicago, Phil studied brewing at the world-renowned Siebel Institute. Phil returned to Missouri with his family in 2010 to build Perennial Artisan Ales.



Neil has been homebrewing for more than five years and since his first batch, he dreamed of opening his own brewery. WeldWerks Brewing is the culmination of that dream. Less than a year into brewing, WeldWerks picked up a silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2015. Following that success, they picked up the GABF Gold for Barrel-Aged Stout.

WeldWerks is also in the top 50 breweries in the world on Untappd.



Sam Richardson grew up in Portland, Oregon, and came to New York by way of Oregon State University’s Fermentation Science program, The RAM Restaurant and Brewery in Seattle, and Pyramid Brewery in Portland. Richardson moved from the Northwest to Brooklyn to work at Greenpoint Beer Works, where he would meet Matt Monahan (Other Half Cofounder). Their vision was to build a passionate team that brewed great beers in the state of New York—done so with effort and thoughtfulness—to represent the “Other Half” of the industry.

Since opening Other Half in 2014, Richardson has pushed the boundaries of brewing through constant innovation and collaboration with peers (collaborating across the country from Trillium to Monkish). Sam is known in the industry for his constant passion for learning and sharing knowledge, making the Brewers Retreat a perfect event for his inclusion.

Other Half Brewing currently holds a ‘Top 50 Brewery in the World’ honor on Untappd with the second most checkins, speaking to their consistent production of high quality beers across every style they brew.



With a background in science and a passion for cooking and flavor combinations, brewing beer seemed to be an inevitable destiny for JC. A native New Englander, JC has always been drawn to the produce of the season, and is dedicated to using local crops and flavors in Trillium’s beer. He is notoriously meticulous in his craft with an innate curiosity for exploring new flavors, something that has made Trillium stand apart in the ever-growing craft beer industry.

In 2013 Trillium opened doors to their first brewery in Fort Point. Since then, JC and his team have become leaders in New England craft brewing. Following the success of the first Fort Point location, Trillium debuted locations in Canton, the Greenway, and a new flagship restaurant and brewery in Fort Point. JC is proud to attribute Trillium’s success to the family culture he and Esther instilled, and the use of creative ingredients. A self-proclaimed “botany nerd”, the Trillium flower represents what he and Esther hoped to create in their beers: beauty, strength, simplicity, and balance.



Lawson’s Finest has earned critical acclaim and an enthusiastic fan following. Sean started the 1bbl nano-brewery with his wife Karen in 2008 after 20 years of home brewing. His specialty maple beers & IPA’s have garnered awards at the World Beer Cup, Great American Beer Festival, and at two National IPA championships (2011 – Triple Play IPA and 2016- Super Session #2). Lawson’s Finest grew to a 7bbl system in 2011 in a small sugarhouse style shed next to their home. In 2018 Sean and Karen opened the Waitsfield brewery, taproom and retail store.

Sean is a graduate of the University of Vermont, with a Bachelors in Environmental Science and Masters in Forestry. His first career was as a scientist and educator. Sean continues to lead outings with the Naturalist Program he founded in 1996 at Mad River Glen ski area. Sean served as President of Vermont Brewers Association from 2014-2017 and was an active Board member for nine years.




After pursuing a PhD in Early Christianity and homebrewing mostly Belgian-style beers, Henry and his wife, Adriana, started Monkish in Los Angeles, where they were born and raised. The brewery initially focused solely on Belgian-style and mixed-fermentation beers — and the occasional spontaneous fermented beers, which are a challenge given the Southern Californian warm climate. As a yeast-driven brewery, Henry has expanded the brewery’s scope to include hoppy beers (i.e. IPAs) that are more focused on yeast character than simply hops. And with their affinity for monastic brewing traditions, Henry and Adriana embrace the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of brewing, and their brewery remains nimble and intentional in creating meaning through beer.



Spruce Point Inn is exactly what most guests picture when they think of an oceanside resort in Maine.  As a Conde Nast Top 25 Northeast Resort and the #1 Resort in Mid-coast Maine on Trip Advisor, the historic inn has attracted travelers from all over the world for over 100 years. With 57 acres of stunning waterfront, it is the perfect setting for creating oceanside memories made in Maine. Check Out the Spruce Point Inn Website



DAY 1 (JUNE 9, 2019)

  • 1:30PM: Pick-up attendees at Boston Airport (Terminal A) via coach bus

  • 3:30PM-5:00PM: Allagash happy hour - beers and a technical tour (for those flying into Portland, meet at Allagash for transportation to Spruce Point)

  • 5:00PM: Depart Allagash for Spruce Point Inn

  • 6:00PM-6:45PM: Arrive, check in, and enjoy a little time exploring

  • 6:45PM: Lobster Dinner @ Spruce Point Inn (Main Deck)

  • 8:30PM: Bottle share @ Osprey Cabin

DAY 2 (JUNE 10, 2019)

  • 6:00AM-9:00AM: Enjoy the activities of Boothbay Harbor and Spruce Point Inn

  • 9:30AM-11:30AM: Taste & Learn Seminar with Sam Richardson (Other Half) + Henry Nguyen (Monkish)

  • Noon-5:30PM: Brewing session with brew groups led by Vinnie Cilurzo (Russian River), Neil Fisher (WeldWerks), JC Tetreault (Trillium), Phil Wymore (Perennial), Sean Lawson (Lawson’s Finest)

  • 1:00PM: Lunch @ Spruce Point Inn

  • 5:30PM: Complete brewing

  • 6:30PM: Dinner @ Spruce Point Inn (Main Deck)

DAY 3 (JUNE 11, 2019)

  • 6:00AM-9:00AM: Enjoy the activities of Boothbay Harbor and Spruce Point Inn

  • 9:30AM-11:30AM: Taste & Learn Seminar with Phil Wymore (Perennial) + Neil Fisher (WeldWerks)

  • Noon-5:30PM: Brewing session with brew groups led by Vinnie Cilurzo (Russian River), Jason Perkins (Allagash), Sam Richardson (Other Half), Henry Nguyen (Monkish), Neil Fisher (WeldWerks)

  • 1:00PM: Lunch @ Spruce Point Inn

  • 5:30PM: Complete brewing

  • 6:30PM: Pairing Dinner @ Spruce Point Inn (Pemequid)

  • 8:30PM: Bottle share @ Osprey Cabin


DAY 4 (JUNE 12, 2019)

  • 6:00AM-9:00AM: Enjoy the activities of Boothbay Harbor and Spruce Point Inn

  • 9:00AM: Leave to return to Portland (drop-off at Portland airport at 10:30AM) and Boston (drop-off at Logan International at 12:30PM)



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have other questions? Contact us.

When is the last day I’m able to purchase tickets?

The last day you can purchase a ticket is when we sell out.

If I purchase a brewer ticket now, can I purchase a companion ticket for the same event later or do they both need to be purchased at the same time?
You do not need to purchase the companion ticket at the same time. Just let us know if and when you want to add your companion. We’d like to know about 30 days ahead of the event so we can make arrangements.

Are the identified Master Brewers confirmed to participate?
The listed brewers are confirmed.

Can I pick the brewmaster that leads my group?
Yes. Prior to the event we will send out a survey for your preferred lead brewer. If a brew group is full, preference will be given to the attendee that purchased their ticket first. That said, we’ve always accommodated every request.

What type of beer will be brewed?
Each of the pro brewers will bring a recipe which will be announced closer to the retreat.

What type of system will we be brewing on?
We will be using beautiful systems from Ruby Street Brewing.

Will retreat attendees be allowed to participate in the brewing process?
You will be allowed to participate in the brewing process and collaborate with the pro brewer.

What are we going to do with the beer we are brewing?
We expect there will be about 10 gallons of each of the beers by the end of the three days. When the beer is ready, we will bottle and ship 4-6 bottles to each of the participants.

What time can we arrive at Spruce Point Inn?
You can arrive in the morning to participate in the activities they offer; however, you may not be able to check into your room until later in the day.

How late can we stay at Spruce Point Inn?
You can stay for the day to participate in the activities they offer; however, you will need to be checked out of your room by noon if you're not staying Wednesday night.

May I be provided a discount if I don't use your transportation?
There will be no discount if you do not use our transportation. The transportation is included in the overall package.


Which meals are included?
Sunday dinner, Monday lunch and dinner, and Tuesday lunch and dinner are included in the ticket price.

How much beer will be provided?
At each dinner we will provide the equivalent of at least one beer. Happy hours and receptions will offer unlimited pours.

Why was Will Meyers removed from the event?

Unfortunately Will had a private family issue matter that made it impossible for him to join us.